How to use Excel ISREF Function – An introduction

Excel ISREF Function is a member of IS function in Microsoft Excel. This function checks, if cell value refers to another cell. If refer, it returns as TRUE and if not then FALSE.

What is the syntax for ISREF?


=ISREF (value)

Syntax Explained


Value (required) – cell value to be checked for a reference


What it returns a result?


This function returns as a result TRUE or FALSE


Below is the screenshot for Excel ISREF Function taken from excel functions list. In a red color border area, there are some types of cell values. We can use these values as a referred cell and get their result as TRUE or FALSE.


Excel ISREF Function


Important note:


This function will not check the reference of a cell if it is within double quotation marks. If any value is written in a cell within double quote (” “), this function considers that value as text.


Following are some examples:


Excel ISREF Function – If a cell has a value


Excel ISREF Function


Here, applying the ISREF Function in cell B2 and cell C2 has its result as TRUE. When using double quote in the referred cell A2, the result is FALSE. This experiment tells us that if the referred cell is within double quotes, the result is always FALSE. We can eliminate the existence of (“ “) double quotes by applying ISREF and INDIRECT Function together. See in the above image.


Excel ISREF Function – If a cell has a formula


Excel ISREF Function


In this image, referred cell A6 has a formula, apply the ISREF function in cell B6, and C6 has its result as TRUE. But when we use the double quote as “A6”, its effect is FALSE. So here we use a formula as a preferred cell.


If a cell has a named range


Excel ISREF Function


Here the range of cells (East) a named range, are referred ells. Apply the ISREF Function in B10 with name range (East), and its result appears in cell C10 as TRUE. But if we put “East” within the double quote, its effects turned as FALSE. So we can use name range as a referred cell.


Excel ISREF Function: text value without and with double quote


Excel ISREF Function


Here a text value is as a referred cell, without double quote its result is TRUE, but with the double quote, it is FALSE. Cell B13 is no reference to a cell, as adding A12+A13 is a value.


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