What does ISERROR function do in Excel?

ISERROR Function

The ISERROR function check for error in a cell value and presents a Boolean (TRUE/FALSE) result.

What is ISERROR function in Excel?

The ISERROR function is a built-in function of “IS- family” in Excel and provides a Boolean (TRUE/FALSE) result. Simply if a cell has an error, it will return TRUE otherwise return FALSE.

Syntax of the function

=ISERROR (value)

Arguments of the function


= Where value is a cell data to check.


If the cell value is Error, it will return as TRUE

If the cell value is not Error, it will return as FALSE.


Excel 2000, Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016

Where to use ISERROR function in Excel?

ISERROR handles all the below-given error type and presents a Boolean (TRUE/FALSE) result. In the below image, every result is  TRUE. Some results are not TRUE therefor are not errors. 




Let’s take the below-given table as an example, where “Rate/Qty” column has a formula (H2/G2) for per unit rate.

Furthermore, some errors seem like #DIV/0! appearing. which is not looking good in the result column.

Have you notice, these errors #DIV/0! only occurring when no quantity of the product is available in “Qty” column. Such as “Pen” and “Notebook” has no quantity in the column.

Mixing IF and ISERROR function

First of all, replace error #DIV/0! with “0” (zero) with IF and ISERROR function. Keeping in mind, when we will put the quantity of “Pen” and “Notebook” in their respected field. It will provide the correct result.


Now, apply combination of IF and ISERROR function in the “Rate/Qty” column to remove #DIV/0! Error.




Now, place the quantity of “Pen” and “Notebook” in their respective place. Enters “15” as “Pen” quantity and “15” as “Notebook” quantity, see the reaction what happens in the result column.

See image below:-


The formula is working perfectly and we have recovered all the results. The error is removed and the correct answer is appearing in the error field.

So in this tutorial, we learn about ISERROR function and magic combination of IF and ISERROR.  

If there is any doubt regarding this function, please write a comment in the comment box below.

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