What does the ISBLANK function do in Excel?

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ISBLANK function in Excel

The ISBLANK function is a built-in function of “IS- family” in Excel and gives a Boolean (TRUE/FALSE) result. If a cell is blank, it will return TRUE otherwise return FALSE.

Syntax of the function

=ISBLANK (value)

Arguments of the function

Value – where the value is a cell status to check.


If a cell is blank, it will return as TRUE

If a cell is not blank, it will return as FALSE


Excel 2000, Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016

Use of ISBLANK function in Excel

If any cell having no data, it doesn’t mean that this is a blank cell. This cell may have some formula or having some space also.

ISBLANK function can tell us that a cell has something but not appearing in a cell.


In the below-given table, there are some cells containing some data. And in the next column, we applied ISBLANK function. In the third column, we have the result for the same.

Now if a cell containing any numeric or text data, the result is always FALSE otherwise it will return TRUE.

Below are some cells marked with red rectangle line. Both of the cells do not contain any figure in any form. But the result of one is FALSE and another is TRUE.

How did this happen? We have to check whether the cell is actually blank or contains some invisible figure or data.

We have a way to check that why both gave us a different result when both cells are same.

First of all, we will check the length of the cells. If the length of the cell has “0” then we will consider that cell as a complete blank. But if the cell containing some length, then we will not consider it as blank.

ISBLANK Function

Now apply LEN formula to check the length of the cell. How many characters are there in a particular cell? LEN formula will count if the cell has any blank space also.

How to apply LEN function?

LEN function will check the actual characters in the cell, which are not appearing. See below image:-

ISBLANK function

See in the image, as there is two cell is blank but the result of both the cells is different.

After applying the LEN function, now the actual result is here. One cell has two (2) characters i.e. the length of the cell is “2”. So that the ISBLANK function gave us the result for a blank cell as FALSE.

The second one has no character in it. Therefore “0” length cell is actually blank and gives us a result as TRUE.


In this tutorial, we learned that if a cell is appearing blank, test it with ISBLANK function. If doubt remains exist then apply LEN function to check the length of the cell.


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