How to Use the ISTEXT Function in Excel

ISTEXT Function

What is ISTEXT function?

The ISTEXT function is a built-in function of IS family (group) in Excel. This function returns TRUE if a cell contains a text value otherwise returns FALSE.


Syntax of the function

=ISTEXT (value)


Arguments of the function

Value – where a value is cell data to check



         If the cell value is text, it will return as TRUE

         If the cell value is not text, it will return as FALSE



Excel 2000, Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016


How to use ISTEXT function in Excel?

To learn about ISTEXT function in a better way, we have to work with some below-given example.


Example 1

See column “A” has some value, column “B” has its formula and column “C” has the result.

ISTEXT function


A2 has 15 a numeric value so the result would be as FALSE as it is not a text value.

A3 has ‘hello’ as a text value, so the result would be as TRUE as a text value.

 A4 has a date value, a date value is always a number value, so the result is FALSE.

A5 has a numeric value (“15”) between double quote. Value in double quoted (” ”) sign, is a text value always.

A6 has a numeric value (15) but the format of the cell is text, so the result is as TRUE.

Example 2


Combining ISTEXT function with IF

See below, we have a Name list in Column A and Column B has cell values whether text or numeric. Now we have applied the formula in Column C.


ISTEXT function

See details below:-

Amit has text data in a cell B12 so the result is “Text Value”.

Similarly, Sunil has a numeric data so the result is “Numeric Value”

Mandeep has “Numeric Value” but the format of the cell is text, so the result is “Text Value”


Important notes

This function will count DATE and TIME function as FALSE and TRUE for the text value.

The ISTEXT function will return FALSE a formula error such as #VALUE! #REF! #DIV/0! Etc.


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