How to use of ISNUMBER function in Excel


How to use ISNUMBER function in Excel

The ISNUMBER function is a built-in function of IS series (group) in Excel. ISNUMBER returns the value of a cell, whether is a numeric or text. If the value of a cell is numeric then it will return as TRUE else FALSE.

ISNUMBER is a Boolean function always gives the result as a TRUE or FALSE format.

Syntax of ISNUMBER function



Arguments of the function

Value – Value refers to a number


In the below example we will apply ISNUMBER function to know that how it works. Where cell “A2” has a numeric value (15) and cell “A3” has a text value (hello). Now apply the formula in cell B2 and B3.

See below image where cell C2 result is TRUE and cell C3 result is FALSE.





This function will return TRUE – if the value is numeric

This function will return FALSE – if the value is text


Combining ISNUMBER function with IF


In the below example, left side we have a name column and in the right column its value. So to find out the value in the result column. Whether this value is a numeric or text one.

Here we will apply a combination of ISNUMBER with IF. How to apply the formula?

First, we will write IF function:-

ISNUMBER function


Now put cell address (B2) with ISNUMBER function such as ISNUMBER(B2).

Combining with IF, see image below:-


ISNUMBER function


Now “value_if_true” and “value_if_false” will be “Numeric Value” and “Text Value”.

The complete formula entered in a cell, see below image:-


ISNUMBER function


The result of a cell (B2) is “Text Value” as the cell (B2) has text data and cell (B3) result is “Numeric Value” as the cell (B3) has a numeric data.


Important notes

This function will count DATE and TIME function as TRUE and FALSE for the text value.

We can add more function to ISNUMBER function.


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