How to Use REPLACE Function in Excel (with Example)

How to Use REPLACE Function in Excel?“““`

REPLACE function replaces text from a given string and related to SUBSTITUTE  Function. But REPLACE function is a little bit different to SUBSTITUTE function.


=REPLACE (old_text, start_num, num_chars, new_text)


  • old_text  – This is the Text where we want to change some characters.
  • start_num – This is the starting point in the text in old_text which we want to change text characters.
  • num_chars – This is the number of characters in old_text that we want to REPLACE with.
  • new_text  – This is the new text_characters will be REPLACE with old_text.


REPLACE function


Start Number and number of characters cannot be negative.

This function is designed for use with text strings and returns a text string only. So do not use this function with date, time or a number, cause the unexpected results

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