RANDBETWEEN Function In Excel ( with Example)


Excel RANDBETWEEN Function generates a random number between two integers and changes every time whenever worksheets open or recalculated.




  • Bottom – Smallest number in  given range
  • Top        – Biggest number in given range

Things to Remember

This (RANDBETWEEN) function is a volatile function so it changes or recalculated values every time worksheets opened.

Example: If we have 5 sheets in a workbook and we have applied RANDBETWEEN function in Sheet 1 so if we are calculating data in sheet 5, the data of sheet 1 (where we have applied RANDBETWEEN function) will change automatically. If we press the F9 key it will also change or recalculated data.

Because every time data recalculated so we need to copy the whole data and press CNTR + C to copy data and (on the same field) use paste special –>>select values option and hit enter. Now the data will not change every time.

If we do not want to change the  RANDBETWEEN data every time, we need to go to put the cursor on formula cell and press F2 and then press F9 to lock the value.

We will understand better RANDBETWEEN function by the below-given examples:-


I hope this tutorial makes your doubts clear with RANDBETWEEN function and if there is any suggestion please feel free to share.



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