How to Create Pivot Tables


What are Pivot Tables?

Pivot Tables are one of the most useful tools in Excel. This tool is the magic tool which prepares a report from huge data set within a few seconds.  
This is so useful and powerful tool that within a few second we can make report according to our need. We will learn here in details about Pivot Table beginning part. Below is the screenshot of the data set from which we will prepare the report.

How to Create Pivot Tables?

Now create a pivot table from given data set. First, click on any cell within the data set. 
Go to Insert tab–>Pivot Table drop-down –>  Click Pivot Table
Click on Pivot Table and the following image will appear
In the above image:-
The first arrow shows “Select a table or range” i.e. it will show the whole range of the data set from start to end.
The second arrow shows “New worksheet” and presses OK. Then it will create a Pivot Table on a new sheet and if you want a Pivot Table on the “Existing worksheet” then you have to give a cell reference in the “Location” box in where you want to create a Pivot Table. 
So it depends on the data set if the data set is huge and lengthy then “New Worksheet” is the good option but if the data set is not huge then “Existing Worksheet” is the good option, I prefer a “New Worksheet”.
       After click on the OK button and following image will appear

Start picking the heading from all heading box above and start dropping in the box given below

(1,2,3,4) according to your need. Like in the below-given example, but when you will play with, you will understand in a better way.

By the same way, we can place Category by Suppliers and so on and then see the magic.
And at the last when we will cross or close the PivotTable Field list box the Pivot Table will look like below-given image:-
  This is the first complete Pivot Table report. 
  This is the simple pivot table tutorial and in the next tutorial, we will learn  Pivot Table in details.

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